Eco-Fashion Fridays are the Best Fridays


Weekend! While I’m totally psyched that it’s Friday, I have a hair appointment coming up so I’m stressing about switching it up (or keeping it the same? or something in between?)- so many things to consider for this hair that I have to deal with every day. I’ve skipped a couple of appointments recently so it really is long overdue. I was thinking about all the chemicals that go into my hair every time I get it done and I was wondering- is there an eco-friendly way to do this? Turns out, yes. You’re welcome- and I hope that you and your hair have a fab weekend.


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DIY Flower Headband

My stylish pal Britny recently introduced me to these adorable flower headbands and it was love at first sight! Although I couldn’t help but think- how easy would it be to just make this myself?! And by making it a DIY, you’re cutting out shipping and packaging and all that stuff that’s bad for the environment anyways!

headband DIY

While I realize not everyone is an ex-sorority girl with an arsenal of crafts, the stuff I used for this is pretty basic. You just need some glue, ribbon, flowers, and maybe even some bobby pins (but really you could just tie the ribbon in your hair).

The rest is pretty simple! Glue the flowers to the ribbon, glue the ends of the ribbon to the pins and BAM! A cute flower headband, for the hippie in all of us.


Anddd this was a last-minute post so I had to do the worst kind of selfie. The giant-camera-in-the-mirror selfie. Embarrassing. But I will be rocking this headband every other weekend come spring!


Eco-Fashion News: Valentine’s Edition!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Or not-so-happy Valentine’s Day depending on your relationship status/attitude! If you need a little something to brighten your V-Day, check out this Etsy giveaway for an eco-fashion headband. And if that doesn’t fill the void, check out these super-stylish and super-chatty fashion CATS. And then once you’re done there check out everything that’s been going on in the eco-fashion world. It’s been a busy week with some exciting collaborations and even some progress for Bangladesh worker rights!


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Quirky Pieces

So instead of doing some boring Valentine’s post about things that are pink, red, sparkly, or covered in hearts, I decided to do something more fun- weird, quirky pieces! I love quirkiness in small doses, especially cat-themed quirkiness (ahem… the ring below). But a word of caution: it’s probably best not to pile on the weirdness all at once. It only works well when it’s minimal! Otherwise it’s just weird. I’d also recommend going the quirky-accessories route, since accessories require less of a commitment and will, in most cases, command less attention (unless they’re used as a statement piece).

I’ve got a special place in my heart for this cat ring and the bear-printed sweater at the bottom. See links below for these cool, eco-friendly, and kinda weird pieces!

quirky pieces

Cat ring | Parakeet necklace | Skull necklace | Rabbit tee | Tiger sweater | Panda tee | Bear sweater

Eco-Fashion Friday Links

Happy Friday! Looking for a cool DIY this weekend? Check out this upcycled sneaker post by Mr. Kate- wayyyy cute! And such a fun way to repurpose an old pair of shoes. Onto the good stuff–

Sustainable Leggings

Admittedly, I am pretty obsessed with leggings. And even though I’m not into the leggings-as-pants thing, I still think it’s important to have a good (and environmentally sustainable!) pair. I usually stick with basics like solid black or heather gray and the only time I deviate from that is for sweater leggings. Yes, there is such a glorious thing as leggings that feel like a soft sweater (see #4 below). There are some fun tie-dyed prints out there (like check out this line recently funded on Kickstarter!), but for the most part I keep with solid, dark (read: versatile) colors.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Give Your Couture a Second Life Before Sending it to the Landfill

This week’s post is from Tara LaSalla of Going Green Tampa. See below the article for her website info!

shop ethically

Like many Americans, we love to shop and consume. Whether it is the latest high tech gadget or the newest fashion trends, all items have a certain shelf life in our minds. But shopping and consuming have consequences when we tire of the old and are ready for something new. Many times, people don’t give it a second thought to throw out worn or old clothes, shoes, purses, belts and even teddy bears. It’s easy to throw anything away and send it off to the landfill.

According to the U.S. EPA, textile waste accounts for over 13.1 million tons of the solid waste stream or about 4 billion pounds sent to the landfill each year. Think about what 4 billion pounds of clothing or material would look like in a pile. And what is even more staggering is that less than 15% of those 4 billion pounds gets recycled- a sad statistic. Our landfills are filling up quickly with many types of waste, but this is one type of waste that should be almost entirely diverted from the landfill to be reused or recycled.

On an international scale, China is estimated to soon be producing about 50% of the world’s clothing. About 15% of the fabric used for making clothing ends up on the cutting floor. A mind-blowing 253 tons of textile waste is sent to landfills each day in Hong Kong. This should give anyone pause to understand why we need to divert as much away from the landfills as possible. The planet can only take so much abuse for so long.

We all have an opportunity to stop being so wasteful and think before we throw. If you have clothing that was rarely worn and is perhaps designer, consider earning some money and taking it to a local consignment shop. There is a high demand for designer clothing at a lower cost for the teens to twenties demographic.

If a consignment shop isn’t your gig, give your clothes to any friend or relative that may enjoy them and get more use out of them.

And lastly, if your old wares need a new home, donate them to a Salvation Army, Goodwill or another local shop that collects used goods.  Many companies have made it even easier for people to donate their stuff by placing large clothing and shoe collection bins in parking lots.

There has been a myth that you can only donate “gently used” clothing, shoes, etc. The fact is you can really donate your old clothing or textiles in any shape as long as it isn’t oil soaked. It gets sorted and what can’t be used for resale is then recycled into other materials such as industrial polishing rags, stuffing for furniture and car seats, fiberboard, insulation and even new textiles.

Remember, whatever it is that you decide, give your goods a second life. It goes to other people that need them, keeps them out of landfills and helps preserve our natural resources.

Here is a short list of textile items that are accepted at most consignment or local donation stores. Make sure to contact your local store for their complete listings.

  • Clothing
  • Undergarments
  • Shoes
  • Belts
  • Purses/pocketbooks
  • Stuffed animals
  • Household linens (Can also be donated to most local animal shelters)

Learn more about author Tara LaSalla on Google + or visit us at to see how you can live a more sustainable lifestyle. Be well!

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Plain and Simple

Most street style looks are surprisingly simple and only revolve around one or two basic pieces. Usually a plain white tee shirt is involved, so of course I had to look for eco-friendly/sustainable versions of the basic cotton tee. I found some good, solid options but my favorite by far is Number 5 (below) for being reversible. That’s right- a reversible tee. The plunging neckline turns into a plunging, backless piece of sartorial perfection. As with most great sustainable discoveries, I found it on Modavanti. See below for links to the rest!

white tees

1. A Zara basic. Yes, that Zara. But still, they have a few eco pieces and THIS organic cotton beauty is one of them! Perfect neck line for a statement necklace + longer sleeve length = a versatile, eco-friendly tee!

2. No list of sustainable clothing would be complete without American Apparel. This classic, organic style also falls under the category of majorly versatile, but definitely on the more casual side with the shorter sleeves.

3. Another casual option, this short-sleeved V-neck is a perfect, no-frills basic item.

4. I’m not super into long sleeves, but this V-neck would be great for adding an extra layer on cold days.

5. THIS one is my favorite! The plunging V-neck can be worn in the front or reversed for a cool, backless style. So cool and so comfortable. Love it!

Eco-Fashion Friday 1.17.13


LOTS of fun things going on this week in the world of ethical fashion, from shopping guides to sustainable, mass market products.

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Perfect Summer Look

Maybe it’s the cold weather from this past week, but I am so nostalgic for summer! I saw this dress and immediately thought it’d be perfect for an outdoor event this summer, glammed up with some sparkly accessories and dressed down with sandals.

I definitely like to keep things simple when it comes to styling. I’ve read that one of the key elements of french style is just that, keeping it simple with patterns and accessories. It reminds me of a quote by Coco Chanel- “Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” So here’s to keeping it simple with the most perfect shift dress and simple accessories! Links below!

Summer look

Dress | Necklace | Bracelet | Clutch | Sandals