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And last but not least, three things (not fashion-related) that are just good to know:

Make a Fair Trade

One of the feel-good benefits of buying fair trade (whether it’s clothes or food or whatever) is that the people who make the goods are fairly compensated for work done in a safe, humane environment. And fair trade is such a huge part of sustainability because overburdened workers in dangerous/unhealthy environments generally produce poor-quality goods that need to be replaced more often. There’s a reason so many luxury brands have their pieces hand-sewn by skilled craftsmen- it makes a better quality product that lasts! But let’s be real- not everyone can drop thousands of dollars on handmade anything.

In my experience, it’s also tough to find fair-trade clothes that are cute and don’t have that dirty-hippie vibe. This is why I look to brands that manufacture their stuff domestically, since the US has stricter labor laws that mandate fair compensation and eliminate the possibly for sweatshop-esque working conditions (as an eco-friendly, wallet-friendly bonus: no international shipping). So for this post, I took an average dress (where production was outsourced overseas to who-knows-where) and found a domestically-produced version at a similar price point.


So, in a fair trade for this H&M dress, you can get a better-quality, made in the USA version for $10 more. Thank you, American Apparel!

Dresses here and here.

Eco-Fashion Funsies


And now for some not-really-fashion-related funsies, but still really cool stuff. A couple of how-to’s to get your weekend started right!


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DIY Denim Cutoffs

So, denim cutoffs are pretty self-explanatory. You take a pair of jeans, cut off the legs, and you’re left with perfect shorts, right? But if you’ve ever actually done this, you’ve probably been left with a ruined pair of jeans and shorts that are so terribly unflattering you just throw them away. Thing is, jeans weren’t meant to be worn as shorts so when you just cut off the legs, the fabric’s proportions are all messed up!

So here’s what you’ll need to make it work:


To cut them, use a pair of shorts you already have to gauge how short you want them to be. Use the fabric marker to trace them (front and back separately since the back is usually longer than the front) and then cut over the lines so you’re left with the shorts. Don’t worry if they’re uneven, they’ll fray when you wash them and it won’t show.

Now to make them look like REAL cutoffs! Using a seam ripper or a pair of tiny scissors (like nail scissors) cut the side seam. I cut mine about 1.5″ but it depends on how short and loose you want them. Then using a needle and thread (or fabric glue if you’re lazy like me) fold and glue the seams back on themselves, leaving a little triangle gap on the side, like so. This will make the legs wider like real denim shorts, rather than tighter like your jeans would normally fit.


If you’re feeling extra crafty, you could cut the side seam even more and sew (or glue) some lace in the triangle space. Super cute for a girly, bohemian vibe. Once the glue dries, throw them in the wash, dry them, and wear them!

I cuff everything. Jeans, tops, jackets. Why not jorts?!

I cuff everything. Jeans, tops, jackets. Why not jorts?!

Ethical Fashion/Beauty Roundup

Ahhhh summer! This warm sunny weather would go on forever if I had my way! It also makes Mondays significantly less terrible when the sun is shining! I found this article on the best “hidden” beaches in Florida- my personal favorite is on here but I won’t say which! Here’s another good countdown for best beaches in the U.S. for avoiding ocean pollution (New Jersey did surprisingly well in the countdown!). And while you’re enjoying the slow pace of summer, check out all the fun happenings in sustainable and ethical fashion below! ;)


  • Everything this girl does is DIY-tastic. Erica Domesek (P.S. I Made This) partnered with Indego Africa to design these super unique patches that are made by (and benefit!) women-only artisans. (via Who What Wear)
  • Peacebomb: the new jewelry collection from Article 22 that uses pieces of recycled bombs from Laos. Each piece sold benefits the Laotian artisans who make them. AKA: how to turn a negative into a positive. (via Article 22)
  • Sustainable fashion + empowering women = two of my most favorite things! More about how fashion (when used for good) creates positive change. (via the Guardian)
  • More toxin-free makeup is out on the market today, but will it stick around? I think so, but with our lax health regulations it might be hard to tell exactly how eco-friendly those products are. (via Business of Fashion)
  • Meet the Ekocycle Cube 3D printer. It uses recycled plastic bottles and makes whatever you want… almost. Yours for only $1,199 when it comes out later this year. (via Nation Swell)
  • Things that make me overjoyed: Nike launched an eco-friendly line of workout wear! (via 24/7 Wall Street)
  • The most stylish vegan shoe collab: Cri de Coeur + Arden Wohl. (via Vegan Fashion Blog)


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Olivia Palermo & Eco-Friendly Findings of the Week

Olivia Palermo is probably the most inspiring style icon I’ve ever seen. Whether she’s walking her dog or going to some uber fabulous black-tie event, girl is always perfectly dressed perfectly. I’ve loved her style ever since her days on The City when she was working and just being generally fabulous at Elle HQ. Well, things haven’t changed much and I still look to Olivia for style inspo. See below: denim on denim, oversized blazer, and casual look with jeans.


And now for some eco-friendly awesomeness from around the web:

A Warby Parker x Karlie Kloss Lovechild

There are few things I love more than a quality pair of sustainable sunglasses (ahem.. see here and here). So when I heard about this new collection from Warby Parker I was prettyyyy excited about it!

But first off, Warby Parker is one of the few carbon neutral fashion companies, just meaning they purchase carbon offsets according to their greenhouse emissions. So, bad news that it’s still pollution, but good news that they’re actually doing something about it! They also have a really rad charity- it’s their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program where they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need for each pair purchased. Too sweet!

Anyways, they just released three new sunglasses in a collaboration with none other than Karlie Kloss, so you know they’re going to be fab! AND in keeping with their philanthropy, they’re donating to Edible Schoolyard NYC, which provides gardens and kitchens to low-income public schools in the city to help kids develop lifelong healthy eating habits. Awesome on so many levels! Check out my faves from the collection below!


I love the sepia/gold color combo in #3, and they’re my total favorite from the collection. The subtle cat eye is just too perfect! I’m also totally digging the #2 style for those indigo lenses! They’re so laid back and perfect for summer, I’d always have these on-hand at the beach. Find them all right here on their website!

Eco-Conscious Awesomeness

Fun fact of the week: did you know honey has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties!? But not that stuff you buy at the supermarket- buy it locally from a bee farm to get all those raw, good-for-you properties. Or you can get this one online, it’s still got all the pollen and good stuff in it. But a fun bonus of buying local honey: it also helps alleviate allergies!

Other eco-conscious funsies I found on the internet this week include: the many challenges facing sustainable designers, one supremely perfect shirtdress, odd things people find inspiring, and something you can do RIGHT NOW to combat human trafficking. eco_awesomeness

Summer Essentials

So if you haven’t caught on already, summer is my absolute favorite season. It’s also a great thing that I live in Florida so I get to experience it almost year-round.

So below are some of my favorite things for my favorite season, notably with the best footwear. Boat shoes, sandals, and multiple pairs of flip flops are pretty much all that go on my feet this time of year. And if you’re like me, you’ll need a giant tote to keep all your shoes in because you can’t leave the house with just one pair. I mean, who does that!? And of course, all the items are eco-friendly, sustainable, etc. Something cool I found out in this search: Zappos has an eco-friendly shop, and that’s where I found the flip flops and the boat shoes!

But my most exciting find has to be the backpack. Admittedly, I’m a total sucker for the nerdy, yet convenient and old-school style of a backpack, but the structured canvas and navy stripes make it so preppy and trendy. Links below!


Boat shoes | Sandals | Backpack | Flip flops | Tote | Dark sunnies | Black and gold sunnies

Eco-Friendly Discoveries

I’ve always loved eyelet, and I feel like it’s really making a comeback this summer. It’s not even just the look, but the feel of lighter, airier fabrics in warmer weather that just screams SUMMER! It’s cool and relaxed while being totally preppy and put-together. So in addition to the eco-fashiony links below, I posted a few looks that include my favorite fabric of the moment. I especially love the bright blue dress in the first photo, a pop of color like that is so unexpectedly glam.


  • This is so rad. It’s Elle’s countdown of the best green beauty products. (via
  • THIS makes me so excited. The gals behind Snob Essentials are launching a vegan handbag collection! (via Who What Wear)
  • H&M partnered with the Guardian to produce a completely bogus, 100% biased article that says fast fashion isn’t always unsustainable. Except oops, wait… it is. (via the Guardian- I’m not even linking to it but it’s out there!)
  • But hey, the Guardian also produced something cool and interesting! An article about lifestyle businesses- entrepreneurship for free spirits! (via the Guardian)
  • Vintage, made in the US, or environmentally friendly… ever wondered what’s best? Hint: buying secondhand. (via EcoSalon)
  • Reasons not to go overboard on makeup: Some kids work 12 hours a day to make sparkly eye shadows. Sad. (via Huffington Post)
  • And something that’s just awesome: a new lingerie brand that’s cute, but not obnoxiously frilly and ridiculous looking. (via Fashionista)


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